The end of October brings cooler temperatures, a harvest of plenty, and one of childhood’s favorite celebrations — Halloween! This year, add excitement to the seasonal fun and frolic in your home with some of these educational activities.

Parents can encourage their children to come with their own costume idea. Kids can to pull from history, stories of mad monsters and fairy tales. For example, if  your child wants to dress as a superhero, instead of picking one that already exists, ask them what their super power might be. Having your child assemble a robot hand will delight their imagination of Frankenstein. Encouraging them to go with their own character is a great exercise for the  brain in terms of creativity and imagination.  

Did you know the human body has over 200 bones? With Halloween approaching it would be a fun time to explore the human skeleton. Learn about the skeletal system by crafting a skeleton. Kids will jump at the opportunity to make an actual replica skeleton and naming the major bones.

The perfect thing after a long night of trick-or-treating is to curl up amidst that pile of scrumptious candy and listen to tales of fun and fright! Ripley’s Believe It or Not books offer strange and hilarious facts of all types.

No matter how old your children are, Halloween offers a way to bring out the kid in everyone and still teach valuable skills!

Look inside this month’s box for our spooky educational surprises and have yourself a safe 

MyEduCrate Halloween!