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summer homeschoolimageThere’s more than one way to home educate well and summer is the perfect opportunity to have your child think outside the textbook and explore a little.

Here are some things to keep in mind, keep kids learning and to create memories that they’ll have for a lifetime during summer homeschool.

Learning can happen anywhere, especially if we are intentional. This is true year-round but the summer seems to have so much extra to offer.

So, if you’ve ever thought about summer schooling, I want to encourage you that it is not scary. The schooling time can be quite formal or quite relaxed—whatever works for your family dynamic.  It’s just about turning the fun activities of summer into intentional times of learning.

Every child has a passion. You might have to dig a little, or it might not be what you think it should be–but it’s there. Find their passion, and you’ve found the key that will unlock their love of learning.

When in doubt, read-aloud.  Crazy days and rainy days will come your way, the kind when nothing goes to plan and everything goes wrong. When that happens, pop popcorn or make hot chocolate, and snuggle under covers with your kids and a book. Have wigglers? Take your book out to the trampoline or the swing!

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